Goddess Gratitude | Kiana

Goddess Kiana

Introducing our beautiful model Kiana.

"When my Aunty (I-Jay) asked me to be one of her models I was nervous and excited but I was also really honoured.

On the day of the photo shoot I was also the make up artist and that was a real highlight for me. Everyone was so amazing and really nice.

I felt beautiful and really happy about being hapu when Aunty sent me the photos.

If anyone else has an opportunity to do something like this I would say ‘Don’t be nervous!!. Find a way to grow the confidence to love yourself and be happy in front of the camera.

Beauty to me is something that everyone has. Everybody has their own beauty in their own ways. We should all embrace it."

Photography ~ Kelly Newell |  Make-up & Hair ~ Kiana “Kuini” Simpkins ig:@glambykuini