Goddess Gratitude | Helyn

Goddess Helyn

This beautiful lady is my mother, Trieste Maria’s sister in law ... her BEST friend. They are 2 peas in a pod, partners in crime, sisters from another mother 🖤

And with that said.... it was only fitting to ask Aunty Helyn to model for this collection!

In true Aunty Helyn form this is what she had to say✍️👩‍🏫📖

"I have known Ingrid-Jayne since her conception! She is my niece and throughout the past 40 years our lives have been interwoven through, initially strong whanau bonds, especially crafted between her mum (Trieste) and I, and eventually evolving into a reciprocal relationship built on true 'aroha' and mutual respect as 'wahine toa' 

When Ingrid-Jayne asked me to model for her I felt very nervous and unsure that I would do justice to a range of clothes carrying the label of a very classy lady (her Mum), to whom I would always go to when we had an event to attend. Trieste would outfit me from head to toe complete with accessories. She was 'brave' in her wardrobe choices, always making fashion statements at our whanau gatherings. I was always proud to be 'her model' back then, and to stand by her side.

It was wonderful being asked to take part in a "wahine ataahua" project, masterminded by Trieste’s talented daughter Ingrid-Jayne ...along with her loyal band of collaborators. I was amazed with the attention to detail they put into the photo shoot day ... from the photo boards which began with pics of me as my 'rustic' self, to the goal of what I was going to look like. I was impressed with how high they set their standards of this challenge...and how they actually achieved it!!

When I saw the photos I was truly amazed!! was that me?? really me?

To anyone else that may feel nervous about being in front of the camera, I would say that photos are important to those who love you ... so give freely. And whenever you do take time to put on the war paint, invest in a fantastic hairdo and a great outfit for a whanau event ... make sure someone does take family photos to share, because with time, these pics become priceless taonga ... so capture the moment when you all look great, in a photo.

I have always acknowledged beauty in the natural appearance of a person or thing, but also in the inner ability of any person who radiates beauty through their actions. I truly believe that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and that anyone who is lucky to have a partner that sees your inner beauty throughout the past 4 to 5 decades of your time together, is truly blessed.

The TRIeste Maria Design photo shoot left me feeling very feminine, very special and very loved! Thank you my niece for choosing ME!"

Photography ~ Kelly Newell
Make-up ~ Kiana “Kuini” Simpkins ig:@glambykuini
Hair ~ Audrey Gregory - Vivo Hair Salon Hamilton